Saturday, 6 April 2013

Rosie Lee and Strawberry Velvet

Right now I am very, very content.

I am sat, on the sofa, in big cosy fluffy slippers.  I am warm and happy.  Steve is next to me.  I am playing on his new toy (a Mac.  I have never used a Mac before.  I have been on this one for about 2 hours.  I am converted).  I am discovering new blogs that I like to read and vaguely watching the TV.

I also have these.  Which I am trying not to devour in one hit.
They were left on the doorstep a week ago with a big bunch of flowers.  A belated birthday present from a friend I haven't seen in a little while.  I was really touched that she sent these, it was completely out of the blue and totally unexpected.

The flowers are sitting pretty in their vase on the console table.  The fact that the chocolates have lasted this long is fairly miraculous.

Chocolates also require tea.
Tea, chocolates, sofa and husband.

Beats a Friday night out on the town hands down.

After all, said hands are currently too busy rummaging in the box of chocolates.

Back off the strawberry velvet.

It's mine.

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