Tuesday, 9 April 2013


A triple-header birthday celebration is always a giggle and I think it is fairer for friends who know you all not to have to fork out for three different celebrations within a couple of weeks, especially now that everyone is looking to keep their costs down as low as possible.

Steve and I have birthdays a month apart.  I had completely bypassed mine with regards to a night out with friends as I had been so busy while Steve has his in just over a week.  Another friend of ours had her birthday this week so we decided to roll the three into one and make it a joint celebration.
Marlowe's is a Tex-Mex restaurant on Canterbury High Street.  Immensely popular with students and residents it is a great place for a celebration with a large group of people. It is almost the definition of 'cosy dining'.
The upstairs room is available for private party bookings.  It's a bit of a tight squeeze (and decidedly easier to get into your chair before you have eaten than it is to get out after!). If you are not that close to the people you are dining with at the start of the night, odds are you will feel much closer to them by the end!
Reasonable food, cocktails and a option to bring your own booze make it a wallet friendly night out.
The decor is loud and in your face, with a definite old vintage movie theme.  At Christmas you can barely stand up as the decorations are everywhere!
This all comes wedged into an 18C building
Food comes in enormous portions.  I had ribs and onion rings. It is all good, not spectacular but by no means bad either. It's the atmosphere that makes this place.
Desserts are even bigger.

Steve ordered the Marlowe Challenge.  A monster of cream, chocolate brownies, hot fudge sauce, maltesers, flakes and lord only knows what else.

It came out.

There was a stunned silence.
Looking more than a bit overwhelmed Mr M bravely dug in.
He managed a third.  Which was pretty impressive!

There was a lot of present opening
 And a not so subtle hint that our friends want us to hurry up and hold our BBQ again this year.
Conversation and giggles flowed as freely as the wine.  The giggles increased as the wine decreased.
Then it was time to stagger down the very steep and narrow staircase and totter off down the high street in search of a suitable watering hole to continue our celebrations.

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