Sunday, 14 April 2013

Naturally European Ginger and Lime

I love rich, warm tones in my products.  Vanilla, Fig, Ginger, Jasmine are all scents that make me stop and sniff. 

Naturally European was a brand I came across in Fenwick's.  I was looking for Di Palomo which they seem to have either moved or stopped doing (I really hope it is the former) and stumbled across this brand where the Di Palomo range used to be.

Naturally European market themselves as bringing home the aroma of Europe through all natural ingredients.  Normally I would feel quite sceptical about this (I've done a lot of travelling around Europe and the rest of the world and trust me, some places and people you don't want to sniff for a second time), but this is more about the ideology of scent and how the romantic identity of the continent can be discovered through smell.
The range includes nine different scents, Lavender for a day in Provence, Sage for the apothecary gardens scattered all over the continent, Milk for the Swiss Alps, Verbena for Spanish Lemon Verbena, Rose Petal for Bulgarian rose valleys, Honey and Almond for the almond petals of Cyprus, Pomegranate for European aristocracy and Linden for Linden Boulevard in Berlin.

I fell for the Ginger and Lime, a heady mixture of fresh citrus and deep warmth, supposedly to evoke the heat and freshness of Southern Spain.  I'm a sucker for packaging and this is right up my street with a old Victorian pharmacy feel about it.  It also has Ginger in, one of my favourite scents (I'm still trying to justify the purchase of the Jo Malone Nutmeg and Ginger Cologne) which instantly drew me to it.

Naturally European is, as it sounds, made from completely natural products and is paraben and SLS free.   The lotion is rich, thick and heavily moisturising - a little goes a very long way.  The lotion is absorbed quickly and I have already noticed a couple of dry patches disappearing in the two days since I have been using it.

I would normally expect bottles of lotion like this to cost about £20.  I was pretty taken aback when I saw it was £6.95 for 500ml, not far off the cost of a bottle of supermarket moisturiser, and this feels much better quality, less chemicals and will last for longer.

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