Friday, 12 April 2013


This is a local secret I am going to let you into.

You know those nights out where towards the end you want to find a bar that will always have seats and tables available?  That will serve you quickly?  That is still nice?
 Welcome to the Pilgrims.
Technically it's a hotel and restaurant which is why not a lot of people think to go there on a night out.

It's just off the high street, right opposite the Marlowe Theatre so gets a lot of theatre trade.
It's always relatively quiet and one of those places that I am thankful for when I realise that the 5 inch platforms were not the best choice for dancing in.  This was at 11pm on a Saturday night when all other places are rammed.
I really like the wallpaper.

It's strokeable.  As we tested.
A great little place to finish a night off.
Ssssh.  Don't tell.  It's a secret.

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