Tuesday, 23 April 2013

KM Big Fat Charity Quiz

Have I ever mentioned the fact that my general knowledge is absolutely awful?  I like to think that I am reasonably intelligent when it comes to life but abstract facts, dates and bits of trivia completely elude me.

My specialisms are Disney and Mythology.  This clearly makes me an obvious choice for a charity quiz team.

Or rather Steve is a better choice and I tag along for the gossip and booze. 
The KM Group holds an annual charity quiz, raising money this year for the Strode Park Foundation, one of Kent's leading suppliers of specialist care and leisure services for children and adults with disabilities. 

8 people in a team, over 30 teams all competing for the top three slots to get through to the regionals.  It gets serious and people's competitive streaks come out!

The girls and I had our tactics.  Closet ourselves at one end of the table, catch up with each other and let the boys fight it out.
We were all set up in a sports hall at the University.
I have to admit, the ploughman's supper that was advertised was a bit of a let down.  I always feel a little bad being critical of a charity activity but two bags of rolls, two blocks of cheese still in their wrapper, whole apples, grapes and a half block of butter was a bit disappointing.  Especially as we had plastic knifes to cut the cheese with - not an easy task!

Let's just call it rustic.
We had anticipated this however and stocked up on finger friendly grazing food earlier!

There was a definite mixed reaction around the table to the pickled anchovies.  Steve and I love them.  Others clearly less so!
Then the quiz itself started. 6 rounds.  We started off slow after an extensive debate about the best Joker tactics to deploy.

Current affairs were tricky but a fantastic fluke guess on the number of the Lotto extra ball (a 1 in 49 chance of getting correct) gave us a good starting score.

The Quiz Master kept the pace going, moving amongst the crowd and engaging with as many tables as possible.  You just hoped he stayed away from you for the questions you had no idea about!
The rest of the rounds were steady.  We played the Joker on History and Literature and got a solid score.  I would argue that events from the 1990's do not count as History though.  I would also argue that questions about the author of the Hungry Caterpillar and the colour of Mr. Sneeze don't really count as Literature either but it caused a lot of laughter!

To my shame I got the Disney question wrong.  Cinderella's step sister names just flew out of my head!  I DID get the mythology question right though, thereby justifying my place on the team!
We came about 6th overall - not bad!

There was a charity bar, a raffle and a round of Heads or Tails all to help raise money for the Strode Park Foundation.
We were playing tactically on our table, making sure we had both sides of the coin represented as much as possible but got cleaned out in the third round. 

Leaving two people standing at the end! 
Looking slightly bemused as they made their way to the stage for the final showdown.
Totals were added up and exuberant rounds of cheering echoed around the hall as the winning teams were announced.

Finals are in December.  Safe to say we didn't make it!
What would your quiz specialism be?

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