Sunday, 19 May 2013

Sally Henson Hard as Nails and Cuticle Remover

Ever since the Teechers set build over 2 months ago my nails have been absolutely ruined.  Weak, peeling and constantly snapping with the cuticules in a right state as well.
I am now getting desperate.

A friend recommended Sally Hansen Hard as Nails as a remedy.  It promises to strengthen nails and prevent peeling and splitting.  Three coats, twice a week should do the trick.
In addition my cuticles (always a problem area for me) have become really hard and painful.  I thought I would also give the Sally Hansen Gel Cuticle Remover a go as well.  It promises to soften and help gently shed excess cuticles.
Right now I am willing to try anything!
I'm therefore going to try it for the recommended month and then review progress to see if it has made any difference at all to the condition of my nails.  I'm always very dubious of anything that alleges to improve them as I know how weak they are and nothing in the past has really worked.

Let the trials begin!

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