Thursday, 2 May 2013

Magic and Whimsy at Badgers Hill

When I was little I always wanted my very own secret garden to play in.
A place full of magic and whimsy
Somewhere the air sparkles with the delicate sound of chimes as the light fractures into a thousand rainbow splinters in the sunlight
Where the Mad Hatter invites you to pull up a cushion at a table overflowing with cakes and cream
Where Mildred Hubble could make her magical mistakes with no shame
 Where the fairies dance in the open as butterflies kiss their noses
 Where Beatrix could make new friends with chickens and ducks as well as wallobies and rhea's.
Where Rosie can drink her cider under that haystack for as long as her heart desires
 A place where Worzel can feel at home surrounded by vintage farm equipment
Where you believe you can ride the train all the way to Toy Town
Somewhere to gorge myself on chutney and jam
Where I can take a little slice of the magic back to my own garden
Welcome to Badgers Hill.   I'll let them describe themselves
You really have to see it to believe it.

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