Thursday, 9 May 2013

Broodnodig - Part 3

Amsterdam is not renowned for its culinary delights but there are some goodies that it does very well.

Broodnodig means "as necessary as bread".

I think you can't have bread without cheese though.  Great wheels of cheese, golden yellow and smooth, lurid green and sharp with pesto or wasabi or sweet and warm, speckled with herbs and chili.  Shops are stacked floor to ceiling with discs of fragrant and sometimes downright stinky orbs of the stuff.
The Dutch also have a notoriously sweet tooth.

Sara's Pancake House does legendary pancakes with hundreds of different toppings.

Steve had his with warm cherries, ice cream, cream, chocolate sauce and powdered sugar, mine came with warm William pears. I ended up scraping most of the ice cream and cream off as there was simply too much!
These are Poffertjes, small puffy pancakes served warm and doughy made with yeast and buckwheat flour and presented with a choice of toppings.  We kept it simple with lemon and powdered sugar.
Chocolaterie's sell a dazzling array of chocolates, pastries, cakes and doughnuts.
Argentinian steakhouses are immensely popular, as are Italian and New York pizzerias, while Chipsy Kings' serve queues of hungry punters, local and tourist alike with paper cones stacked high with dutch fries known as Patat or Vlaamse Friet all smothered in mayonnaise.
Food needs drink.  Coffee and beer in leafy squares watching the world go by helps you to forget about  footsore legs.  If you are lucky you may even catch a street dance crew to entertain you!

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