Monday, 1 July 2013

What's In My Handbag?

I've seen a lot of these posts around from other bloggers and I really like them as they help to describe the personality of the blogger behind the computer.  I've steered away from them however as I wasn't sure that they really fitted in with the tone of this blog.

Then Mulberry sent out a big fat bribe.

Moneysupermarket are running a bloggers competition where you can win a Mulberry Bayswater Shoulder Handbag, purse and phonecase in a choice of colours.  To enter, you just do a blog post about your handbag, it's contents and it's overall value.

So here goes.
I'm not a girl who changes her handbag to match her outfits on a daily basis.  I tend to wear mine until they (quite literally) fall apart.  Which is exactly what happened to me.  This bag was a forced purchase from Accessorize when my old one snapped in the highstreet.  I ran in, bought it, transferred the contents at the till and the lovely shop lady dumped the old one for me!
I also get achy shoulders so I don't carry that much around with me.

I do however seem to lug a lot of technology.  My Nintendo DS, Camera (represented by the cap and flash as I was obviously using it to take the pictures) and my Samsung Galaxy SIII.
A battered old purse which I try and clear out regularly and never has nearly enough money in it.
2 pairs of sunglasses for some reason.  The dark brown pair are a little wonky now!  They are also just loose with no case.  Whoops.
A lot of lipsticks as I seem to collect them and no other makeup bar some facecream I use as handcream.  I'm clearly not a normal girl.
I do however always carry a small perfume on me.  In this case Lust by Lush as while I'm not too bothered about what I look like, I can't stand the idea of not smelling nice!
A pen and a packet of painkillers.
And my keys.  Or more importantly my giant bunch of key rings.
I love key rings and have far too many - this thing makes me jangle.  It has my old Venue nightclub key ring from my uni days, 2 high heels, my Doo-Dahs (hairdresser) loyalty key ring, my 'Horray, one more job to do and it's gin and tonic time!' key ring, my old workplace key ring which doubles up as a trolley tag (unbelievably useful), one which says 'Priory' which makes me look like I have been to rehab, an Irish rugby shirt key ring (as I'm not Irish and hate rugby obviously) and a 'One Liberata' key ring that I have no idea about.
My favourite is my mini lego Loki that a friend bought me to indulge my Tom Hiddleston crush!  He's looking a little battered these days and I appear to have accidentally amputated his arm but he is going no where!
So that's it.  No hairbrush.  No foundation.  No makeup brushes.  No iPod.  No headphones.  No snacks.  No chewing gum.  No mints.  No drinks.  No nail file.  No sanitary stuff (I should sort that out).  No notebook.  No book.  No jewellery.  No hair grips.  No tissues.  No umbrella. 

I'm clearly not normal.

Overall value?
Bag - £25
Purse - £15
Sunglasses - £15 each
Cream - £5
Benefit lipgloss - About £20
Body Shop Lipstick - £10
Revlon lip stain - £10
Lush spritz - £12
Painkillers - 50p
Pen - free
Keyrings.  No idea.  Estimate £10

Not too bad.  Until you add the electrics in, then it's a whopping £920.50!

That's scarier than I thought it would be!

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