Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Gothic BBQ

When you get an invitation to a Gothic BBQ your imagination immediately sparks up.  Visions of Dr Frankenstein laughing maniacally in Dracula's castle whilst the bells of Notre Dame peal out start to cloud your mind's eye and you imagine that the bottles of wine and chilled beers could actually be Dr Jekylls' secret formula.


Of course it could be more like the scene in Northanger Abbey when Catherine's imagination goes wild over some secret, scandalous manuscripts she discovers in her room which in the cold light of day turn out to be nothing more than a laundry list and some old yellowed receipts.

The weather certainly wasn't co-operating for the Gothic part which really calls for moody skies, thunder, lightening and preferably some sweeping organ music.  Instead we had perfect BBQ weather with blazing sunshine, a light breeze and clear blue skies with not a single solitary sulky cloud in sight.

A group of us pulled up to the house and made our way past the three legged cat that was rolling around in the gravel.
We followed the sound of laughter and music up this little garden path
And upon entering the garden it became clear why this was a Gothic BBQ
This house was beautiful, an old Alms house that could have been lifted from a Disney movie (Beauty and the Beast perhaps?)  It had eaves and lead windows, great creaking doors and a winding staircase.  It even came with it's own bomb shelter at the bottom of the garden!
Our gracious hostess had decided to boho it up a bit in the garden which was covered in bunting and Moroccan lanterns with great pitchers of fresh flowers covering the table.
We dropped off our drinks, found some chairs or a patch of sun soaked grass, popped the lids off some beers and settled in.
Sinead and Ben had fully catered for everyone and Ben was holding fort over the BBQ serving up mountains of burgers, sausages and kebabs with piles of couscous and pasta salads courtesy of Sinead.
There was plenty of food that people had bought as well, all homemade.

Adam had made these wonderful little pasties (crash testing them on us before he made another batch for his grandmothers party the next day) each one slightly different and filled with tomato, basil, feta, mozzarella and various meats.  They went in moments.
Hannah bought two great bowls of Mac and Cheese.  This was divine, easily the best Mac and Cheese I have ever eaten.  I'm begging her for the recipe as this needs to be shared! It has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I want to have this on demand at home.  It was devoured.  I had three helpings alone, diet be blown when you have something this good!
As the afternoon slipped by we drank and talked and lounged around the garden listening to music on the iPad.
The Madness dance was performed, relative politics engaged in heated but good natured debate and the varying merits of outdoor theatre argued.
It wasn't all debate though.  There were a fair amount of ridiculous conversations as well.  I remember one about the benefits of nail varnish in the summertime.
People came and went depending on their schedules.  It was a Saturday afternoon in the middle of summer, no pressure, no obligations, just a chance to laugh and be with your friends and loved ones.
This little hunter was present for the entire time, begging for her tail to be pulled (I'm not joking - she's a very odd cat) and stalking sticks that people waved at her.
Sinead had built a lounge area at the bottom of the garden which people relaxed on as the mixture of good food, warm sunshine and a *few* drinks took their toll.
As the afternoon slipped slowly towards evening the few of us who remained moved the festivities inside where Sinead lit the log fire.
We sat around and talked some more and listened to more music until I could barely keep my eyes open and had to make my way home. 

So that's what a Gothic BBQ looks like!

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