Saturday, 23 March 2013

Capes, Cakes and Superheroes

Move over Avengers, there's a new crew in town.  Canterbury has its very own crime busting super squad.

When a friend turns 30 and wants to throw a superhero theme party there is only one thing to do.  Dig out the lycra, get your best cape back from the dry cleaners and throw yourself into the challenge.

A very good friend of mine turned 30 in February and had approached this momentous occassion with extraordinary organisational skills.  He is a teacher so I suppose I shouldn't be too surprised that he can plan in advance!

One Facebook event later (how did any social gathering ever get organised before Facebook?!) and we all had to 'bagsie' our characters so that there was no duplication.

Because frankly nothing is worse than showing up to a party to find that someone else has the same tights and pants combo.

One hired pub (The Blind Dog, on Rosemary Lane in Canterbury), one buffet and a lot of creativity on the costume front and we were ready to go!

I was a lesser known character called Zatanna (I'll be honest - I googled "dark hair superhero female who wears a decent amount of clothes").

Not a bad costume copy if I do say so myself!  Ignore the fact I 'borrowed' Wolverines claws for a while.
Birthday boy was Batman, his lovely fiance was the holy bouncing boiler plate sidekick Robin (looking fiesty in female form) while Steve went as the Green Lantern.

He knows I have a bit of a thing for Ryan Reynolds and bless him for indulging me in this!

Walking into the pub (which was open for general business) was one of the more self conscious moments in my life, but once you were there, surrounded by other superheroes (and villains - equality of opportunity and all that) you felt pretty normal!
The strangest part of the night for me was the regular punters asking for their photo's to be taken with Batman and Wonder Woman.

The cake was a masterpiece of Middle Earth made by Batman's doting mum.  Not a sentence you ever expect to write to be honest.

This party was so much fun and it was really touching to see how many people had made such an effort for the birthday boy.  

What other heroes and villains do you recognise?

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