Friday, 22 March 2013

A Package of Pretty Parcels

One of the nice things about the blogging community is the chance to read and comment upon other blogs that you like.  I have a number that I follow on a regular basis and they cover everything from feminism to makeup, recipes to lifestyle, culture to current events, all over the world. 

Bloggers on occassion run competitions on their blogs - it's a recognised way of increasing interest, marketing new products and a 'Thank You' to their regular readers.  I try and engage with as many blogs as possible, chat to their owners and other readers and have on occasion entered competitions but never won one.

Until now.
I entered a competition run by Jen on her blog Vibrant, Vivacious, Veracious Beauty.  It's not the first time Jen and I have interacted - we have each commented on the others articles in the past and Jen was one of my first ever readers back in January.  She was running a comp for a variety of goodies so I entered her competition and thought nothing more of it.

Imagine my surprise when a short while later I got an email telling me that I had won!  I was seriously excited - I mean, it's not every day you win a competition!

Jen lives in Canada so I thought it would be a little while before I received anything.  It arrived just one short week later.

I ripped open the package with the frenzy of a three year old on Christmas morning.  Steve was a little taken aback when he came home to find bubble wrap and brown paper strewn around the living room and me sitting cross legged on the floor like a kid with my camera, cooing over the beauty products.
I have now been able to give most of the products a good test run.

The Consonant Face Cream is very rich but absorbs remarkably quickly.  I suffer from dry patches as well as oily spots and need to be careful about what I put on my face.  This feels moisturising without being heavy and it acts as a good base for makeup.  It is also travel sized, perfect for the wedding last weekend!  The fact that it is organic and unscented is an additional bonus. 

The Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips I haven't worn yet - I'm still trying to find the right occassion.  They would have just ripped right off in production week and aren't exactly work appropriate, but I'm sure I will give them a go over the Easter bank holiday weekend.
O.P.I Top Coat is good.  I have resisted buying O.P.I nail varnish as I am worried I may get hooked on them and they aren't exactly the cheapest brand out there.  This is a good top coat though and kept my mani in pristine condition for all of three days as well as shiny and glossy - a personal best for me as mine are normally chipped within 24 hours!  A top coat is always useful as well!  The only downside with this is the drying time.  It takes ages.
The NYX Jumbo Lip Pencil in 715 Burgandy is a good lip pencil - little to no bleeding and non-drying as well as fairly easy to apply.  Be warned though - it's a pain in the backside to sharpen.  Most people say either take the bottom off and scrape the product out, or scrape the top off the black and then you can sharpen it.
 The Urban Decay glide on eye pencil is ok.  I'm a bit funny with eye liners - I have every shade under the sun as it is the one thing I will not step outside without, and as such I advocate the cheaper brands with the broader colour ranges.  This has good pigmentation, glides on well without pulling and is generally a good eye liner and the colour range is OK.  I have quite oily eyelids (colour just disappears on me) and I find it isn't as long lasting as other, cheaper brands.  I wouldn't necessarily buy it over any other eye liner.
The Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Honey is my standout product.  Released last Summer, I had heard about them as a dupe for Clinique's Chubby Stick but had not managed to get my mitts on one yet.  Oh boy do I wish I had bought one ages ago!  It is uh-maze-ing, heavily moisturising (my lips are ridiculously dry at the moment) and smells like menthol which is the secret to adding a little extra plumpness to lips.  They are a chubby pencil with a swivel up design so you don't need to sharpen them.  Pigmentation levels are really good and there is a wide range of colours which are easily buildable.
I'm really picky about lipstick colours - it is so hard for me to find a shade that actually suits my skin tone and I also have a naturally plump lower lip with a defined heart upper lip which makes all lipsticks really obvious on my face and quite hard to wear so I tend to stick to lip liners with gloss or balm over the top.  This colour and formula was so easy to wear and if, like me, you struggle to get on with true lipsticks, I would highly recommend these.
So Jen, thank you so much for sending me the goodies!  It's been like a second Christmas!

Make sure you all pop over and check Jen's blog out.  She is so down to earth and funny and I have learnt a lot of beauty tips from her!


  1. The Revlon Just Bitten LipStain in Honey is my signature lip product. I also love their red and bright pink! So so awesome. The Urban Decay eye pencil is a pretty good shout too!

    1. I'm thinking I may need to stock up for the summer!

  2. Aww, this made my morning! So happy that you received everything quickly, have had the chance to try things out, and that you found some standout products! Revlon Honey Balm Stains has been a major favourite for me as well. That's why I made sure to include it in my giveaway! This was such a fun article to read- your reviews were super helpful and I loved the way you described opening the package. I'm the same way! Definitely like Christmas morning :) And thanks for the kind words about my blog! Do you mind if I link this article to my blog's Facebook page?



    1. Hey Jen - of course! Feel free to link away xx

    2. Great! Thanks again, Becky. Have a lovely weekend! xoxo