Thursday, 7 February 2013

Moody Plums

Last night I was home alone, without rehearsal for a change and Steve was in Cairo for work so I thought I would pamper myself.  This is rare.  Very very rare.  One shower, shave, exfoliate, body wrap, face mask and big cuddly pajama pile later I decided to tackle the issue of my nails.  Pinterest is great for makeup inspiration and I remembered a look I had seen there using different shades of purple.
Base is MUA in Moody Mink while the tips are MUA in Plum Noir
I had no tip liners available so used as steady a hand as I could manage, tongue sticking out in concentration.  The cat decided to 'help' half way through.  Is your cat as obsessed with nail files as mine is?


  1. REally love the colours you have put together. REally pretty design. Lovely post.

    Pipp xx

    1. Aw thanks Pipp! Just had a pop along to your blog - completely agree re Barry M! x

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