Sunday, 10 February 2013

Boudoir Storage

A lot of bloggers have been covering their beauty and jewellery storage systems.  I was feeling left out and decided to join the party.

My makeup brushes are kept in my china Cat Walk teacup.  Originally a present from Steve I stopped using it for tea and it was ideal for my brushes.
My wooden jewellery box was also a gift and perfect for rings, earring, brooches and some of my necklaces.
We redecorated in the autumn and I wanted a decent storage system for all my makeup, lotions, potions and jewellery as I was fed up with it taking over the bathroom and always on display.  This bookshelf was perfect and I bought the rattan baskets to file everything in.
Each of the boxes stores a different category of item - it is slightly alarming how much stuff I really have!  The top row is makeup and bangles, middle row is hair (accessories, products and styling tools) and the bottom is miscellaneous, body and nails.  
On top are both mine and Steve's storage boxes - the 2 large wooden carved ones are mine, the leather, gold in-layed and small box are his for cufflinks, tie clips, collar stiffeners, watches, chains etc.  The two large wooden boxes were bought by my mother in Thailand in the 1980's and have my large necklaces in them and the medium and small necklaces are stored on my glass necklace tree - another gift.
Finally the products I use on a daily basis are kept out on the pallet shelving unit Steve made during the summer - it's huge and beautiful and perfect for all our daily products. 
My system may seem overly complicated for some people but for me it keeps everything tidy and out of the way until I need it while combining decorative and practical uses for items.  I know where everything is and can lay my hand on something specific in seconds so it works for me!

How do you store your items?


  1. Amazing makeup brush collection! Love the kitty mug they're stored in :)


    1. Thanks Jen! I love the fact that one of them is ready an edition of Kitty Vogue while another is wearing Purrberry!