Monday, 25 November 2013

The Foundry

On a dark, dark night there was a dark, dark street
Down the dark, dark street there was a dark, dark building
Hanging from the dark, dark building was a dark, dark sign
Under the dark, dark sign there was a dark, dark gate
And through the dark, dark gate, there was a microbrewery full of light, and laughter and lots and lots of craft beer and ales being quaffed by a cheerful, high spirited crowd!
Welcome to the Foundry, a craft brewery pub on White Horse Lane, secreted behind a high gate in an old industrial building.  The building used to be a Victorian foundry (hence the name, obviously) that used to produce cast metal for use all over the Empire and the building certainly has that Dickensian workhouse feel about it.
Beyond the austere and foreboding gates though there is an attractive courtyard with communal seating and plants which is lovely in the summer and used as an overspill in the winter, as this place is very, very popular.  You are normally guaranteed a table up until about 10pm but then, as all the other pubs start to empty, people flock towards the Foundry, drawn by the home-brewed beers, local ciders, late night opening hours and upstairs dance floor.
 The pub's microbrewery is visable from the bar and the cask ales are all sold on the premesis.
If you aren't a big fan of real ales or beers there is always the local cider collection to tickle your tastebuds
As well as your usual selection of spirits and rather nice wines.  The Foundry has been nominated for A Taste of Kent Award for the Foundry Man's Gold so if you are really stuck with what to choose, I would recommend starting there!
The beers on tap change on a regular basis - there was a nice mix when we were in there a couple of weekends ago. 
Although I'm not a die-hard ale drinker I did try the Little Red Rye (fairytale reference in the name - I couldn't resist.  I'm easily pleased) and was pleasantly surprised by it - it wasn't too hoppy or dark for me.
There is also a huge menu to help you soak up that vast array of beers, ales and ciders you will be tempted by.  There are sharing platters (including a pie sharing platter with 3 pies and 3 1/3 pint brewers beers), steak and ale pie, mushroom and ale pie, ribs in beer BBQ sauce, beer battered onion rings, ale gravy, ale battered cod, rarebit with ale, pate with cider, are you noticing a theme here?  There is food which doesn't feature ale, beer or cider as well, including a rather attractive burger menu. 
If you end up lost on a dark, dark night down a dark, dark street head towards the severe looking Victorian building.  You will be surprised at what you find inside!


  1. Great pub badly let down by horrible toilets.

    1. Hi there, thanks for commenting! I agree with you about it being a great pub - I have to say though the Ladies loo's have always been absolutely fine when I have been there. Obviously I can't really comment on the Gentleman's facilities...!