Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Bacon Apple Pancakes

Please don't minimise the page, just hear me out!  Yes I completely understand that the mere concept of bacon, pancakes and sweet apple may be a little...alien to say the least?  Just trust me when I say that it works.  It's the whole salty / sweet concept again.
I admit I discovered it by accident.  I was making brunch for us on Sunday and couldn't remember if Steve (who was still asleep) wanted a bacon sandwich or pancakes with apples,  So I did both, had some bacon leftover and stuck it on the top of my pancakes.

It was a revelation.  Angels singing, shaft of sunlight, bells pealing out type of revelation.

I had a pile of apples I needed to use up and was originally going to do apple fritters but got carried away with my chopping (i.e. I messed up coring them and couldn't get the rings right).  So apple sauce it was then.  It is one of the few times I have been grateful for messing up a meal plan due to my sheer ineptitude with basic kitchen implements.

I couldn't quite convince Steve to try it - he was very sceptical and stuck to his pancakes with bacon and golden syrup but I am hoping that I can persuade you to give this a go!

Pancake Batter:

250g plain flour
200ml milk
2 large eggs

Mix them together, whisking well until smooth, pour the batter into a small pan coated with a little oil and cook on both sides until golden.  This should yield enough for 3 large, thick pancakes.
Streaky, un-smoked Bacon

Ummm.   Open packet, add to hot pan, fry until crispy? I allowed two strips per person.  You want these really, really crispy to contrast with the soft apple and also the crispier they are, the saltier they are as well.

Apple Sauce

4 small apples, peeled, chopped and cored
2 tablespoons sugar
Splash water
Glug honey
3 teaspoons cassia powder
1/2 teaspoon nutmeg
1 teaspoon mixed spice
Heat the water and sugar together to make a sugar syrup, then add the chopped apples and spices to the mix and cook down until soft.  Coat with the honey, stir a few times and serve.  This should give you three generous portions.

Layer the lot together and tuck in.  Add maple syrup to really make your tastebuds sing!


  1. Haha this actually sounds quite nice! Might have to try it next time I'm making breakfast! Amber x

    1. They were quite surprising in the taste department!