Monday, 30 September 2013

Si by Giorgio Armani

Code, by Giorgio Armani is one of my favourite evening scents but it is a bit too strong in my opinion for daytime use.  It also doesn't have the vanilla overtones that I love and look for in all my daytime perfumes.

Then Armani bought out Si.
Firstly, before I go into the deliciousness of the fragrance, just look at the bottle.  Simple, elegant, understated and golden.  I can't stand gimmicky perfume bottles with enormous stoppers that take up too much of my valuable toiletries space.  This little bottle is just perfect, sleek and curvy at the same time and an atomiser that delivers a decent amount of scent in each spray.
Even the box packaging is clean and graceful in a delicate blush pink.
So onto the scent.  The top notes are vanilla, patchouli, freesia and blackcurrant with blond woody undertones and it is soft and spicey and incredibly feminine.  Steve absolutely loves it on me.  It is perfect for this season as it is quite warm and delicate and would probably be too heavy for summer.  There is a sweetness to it from the vanilla but it is not overpowering or sickly.  In fact the addition of the patchouli adds an elegance to this scent. 
It has a relatively low sillage which I like as I don't feel like I am leaving the scent equivalent of a breadcrumb trail behind me and I have found it to last a good few hours.  I have also found it incredibly easy to wear - equally suited for a day in the office to a weekend spent with friends, whereas I only wear Code on a night out due to its strength.
It is quite pricey and would not replace my beloved Un Bois Vanille by Serge Lutens but as I struggle to find vanilla scents that are not too sickly sweet this is another one that will become a staple.

Have you tried it yet?  Are there any scents for Autumn/Winter that you are keen to try or recommend?

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