Friday, 6 September 2013

Everything's Better With Jellie!

John and Ellie, aka Jellie as they are known as within some of our friendships circles, have had a rather busy August.  I've been waiting for them to get back from their honeymoon before putting up these next couple of posts as it is all about them and their wedding!
Hopefully I'm still friends with them after they read them!
I have to say, as wedding couples go, these two were remarkably cool and relaxed about everything in the build up to the big day.  The week before the wedding was filled with family arriving, errands and last minute decisions being made and somehow in amongst all that they managed to squeeze in one last night out on the town.

We got a message on the Wednesday night before the wedding to say that they wanted to spend the night in the pub with their friends before things started to get really chaotic on the Thursday and Friday.  The message was 'if you are around, get to the Dolphin for 7'.

What kind of friends would we be if we said no to a night down the pub when they clearly needed us!
Everyone who happened to be free headed to The Dolphin and got some benches out in the garden, followed by jugs of Pimms and large glasses of wine.  It was one of those absolutely perfect evenings, warm and sultry with people in high spirits and excited about the next couple of days.  At John and Ellie's request we barely spoke about the wedding other than to confirm a couple of logistical arrangements and otherwise we chatted about work and plays and romance, shopping and holidays and sport.
People came and went, some ordering food whilst others were content to just steal people's chips and nacho's.  Ahem. 
The night wore on and the fairy lights were lit above our heads, casting a soft glow over the evening as the conversation carried on at a gentle hum.  This felt like the calm before the storm, the storm in this case being the business that was about to cascade over us.  Jo and I had one more day in the office and then we were on full bridesmaid duties from the Friday onwards, just as Rosie, the other bridesmaid was to arrive.
The excitement levels from John and Ellie was palpable and I think we all lingered for longer than we would normally have done, knowing that for a lot of us, the next time we saw each other would be after the ceremony had taken place. Banter levels were pretty high, with friendly mock-insults and dead-pan sarcasm flying back and forth with rapid fire wit, most of them directed (as is right and proper) at the soon-to-be-groom who took it all with good grace. 
Eventually though we were forced to say goodbye (the bar had stopped serving) and start our journeys homeward bound.  I think this has to be my favourite shot of the night - John with his best man RV.
Bring on the wedding!

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