Monday, 21 January 2013

Pay It Forward

I first came across the Pay It Forward concept via Facebook of all places; it was doing the rounds there a few weeks ago and was such a lovely idea that I joined in (and now have a bunch of people who will be getting something from me out of the blue at some point this year - I can't wait to surprise them!  The hard part for me will be not completing it before the end of February!)

I spotted today that Laura (left) from Life as an Hourglass was also joining in so thought I would share the love some more by doing a blog post on the concept.

It is really very simple.  The first five people to comment on this post will receive from me, sometime in the next calendar year, a surprise! This could be anything from a handmade goodie, a box of your favourite beauty products or something random to just make you smile. There will be no warning to when you'll receive your gift and it will happen whenever I feel the urge to contact you. The only catch is the five people have to do a similar post on their own blog with a copy of my pic and a link to this post.  Make sure I have someway of contacting you to send you something!  
Please excuse the horrific and very old picture of me.  I didn't have many options available
I think that Pay It Forward is such a lovely way to cheer up someone in 2013.  My 2012 was a turbulent year with some fantastic highs but also some really, really low lows so I want to do something in 2013 that will help people smile.  I will make sure I blog about each of the little somethings that I send out as well.  Creative hats on!

Will you Pay It Forward?

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