Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Anti-Pasta Platter

Yes I recognise that this is a bit of a cop out post but I've been ill!  Plus which it all looks pretty and surely that counts for something? 

For the laziest, quickest, easiest yet still pretty stupendous looking starter for a dinner party or dinner for four look no further than the glorious, colourful and delectable anti-pasta platter.
This is ridiculously easy to put together and yet always hits the spot.  You need go no further than your nearest deli counter as well!

The secret to a good anti-pasta platter is variety of flavours, textures and colours.

Cheese is a must - cubes of feta are brilliant as the compliment so many of the other dishes and add a creaminess to the platter.

Salami, chorizo and parma ham provide the smokey flavours.
Sundried tomatoes add a sweetness
Whilst cream cheese stuffed pimento's and pickled anchovies bring the tartness to the platter.
Now these aren't for everyone but rice stuffed vine leaves and pickled octopus add texture and a completely different flavour dimension and are also always a talking point!
Piles of olives are a must.  Get different colours and olive stuffed with lemon, chilli or garlic to ensure added interest.
Finally make sure the whole lot is sprinkled with shredded basil leaves - brilliant paired with the feta!

You can also add toasted pita breads cut into strips with dips.  I think that hummus sprinkled with pomegranate seeds, tzatziki and moss green pesto provide a great variety of flavours and colours.

Give everyone a plate and let their fingers dive in!

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